Linked In Betwween Sectors, a Security Verification Bewteen LinkedIn and being InkedIn
🤡: How many more companies are you going to bring down with you Amazon Legal? Regardless of their intent, your motions active currently given such adverse aggressions now harming phsycial health and life, automatically affects affiliates and/or services used by and its employer, Ziping liu Corporation.

It looks like you’ve submitted your ID for review already. We are still investigating your case and will get back to you shortly. Linkedin account has now bee restricted for an ongoing very long time past of 8 business days now, (since we work international hours too). .

We have no idea why we restricted your account, someone reported a comment and that instantly somehow, since it's not like has changed or anything in the past 3 months, but somehowon the very >same day Andy jassy and Jeff Bezos said "egregious..."

In same form as how Jeff told Ziping, "egergious" as his form of investigatoin. in response to Ziping Liu's current timeline of affairs of medical record filing and adverse motions filing by Amazon Legal as seen here, Zipnig LIu's account disappeared, as journaled about here now. But that's okay, because we have o decide to comintue on with more research in motion for release of Appendix B. Goodbye Amazon Legal that's all i can really say. LIU LLC says, say NO! To false God Grandiose Self Beliefs by Corporate CEOs and/or Bezos Check back here for updates and stay safe!